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As part of the Marketing drive for switchon, we are currently reaching out to prospective media partners to collaborate with us and communicate the event.
Broaden Your Reach

An Association Partner is the ideal platform to further the reach of your publication or association. The partnership gives you access to our delegates through a range of pre-event and on-site branding opportunities, as well as giving you a targeted platform to drive your membership or subscriber acquisition campaigns.

As one of the official Partners, your organisation can take advantage of a unique tailor made Media Partnership package with its own individual set of benefits that includes marketing opportunities, usage of the FMTX Conference & Expo logo, an enhanced image & standing within the Community and prominent listing in Media Partner section of our Website & Documentation.

Benefits of Becoming a Association Partner
  • Gain direct exposure of your brand to senior industry executives and major sector players within various industries as well as high numbers of visitors and delegates

  • Increased brand awareness by inclusion in pre, during and post conference marketing efforts

  • Enhance the profile of your brand by association with our prestigious industry events

  • Get access to our high quality conferences with complimentary press passes

  • Benefit from having your logo promoted on key switchon event materials and on event website

  • Generate quality content for editorials at our conferences

  • Secure the opportunity to distribute your publications at our events

  • Exclusive conference discounts and offers for your members

Promotional Benefits
  • Listing Association Partner on all marketing collaterals related to switchon

  • Dedicated link to your company website

  • Event mailers

  • Signage at the venue

  • Complimentary insertion in all attendee conference bags

  • Recognition during switchon and on the social media websites we have a presence

Role of the Association Partner
  • Promote switchon extensively in the related print/digital outlets

  • Commitment of media coverage of switchon before, during and after the event

  • Listing of switchon on all the social media networks where you have a presence

  • Dedicated mass mail blasts to your organisation database

  • Placing the switchon e-banner on the company website and other related websites

  • Increasing the media exposure of switchon in all media channels and outlets associated with your organisation to promote decision makers’ attendance

  • Co-promotion on other partner/sister portals

Interested in being a Association Partner?

If you would like to become an Association Partner, submit the application form below and you will be notified if your application has been successful by Event Management within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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